The Gloves Are On

What do you get when you cross sweaty, chiseled beefcakes with scantily clad ladies lookin’ for a fight? No, not South Beach at last call; you get Miami Fight Night! Tonight American Airlines Arena and Big Star Productions are throwing the throwdown of the summer. Colombia’s Oscar León and the Dominican Republic’s Francisco “The Drowned” Lorenzo will be set loose with more pent-up fury than a Tijuana cockfight.

Showtime Championship Boxing Online lists a quote from Lorenzo in which he explains how he got his morbid nickname: “I was swimming in a river with a group of my friends.... I drowned, but they saved me. What they got out of the river was a human machine.” Good. We love crazy boxers -- they don’t give a crap. And since this one apparently has already died once, been exhumed, and turned into a machine, he’s got nothing to lose! León and Lorenzo will come to blows over the most fashionable accessory in champion boxing: the WBC Super Featherweight Belt. Other testosterone-driven events for the night include light heavyweights, featherweights, lightweights, and the junior bantamweights female bout. Tickets begin at $25. Call 305-358-5885, or visit
Thu., June 29


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