The Future’s So Bright

Ah, the future! A Democrat is in the White House, American troops are home, and athletes are taking pills to help monitor their internal body temperature. The first two might not be written in stone, but the third is definitely on its way, along with a host of other innovations that will revolutionize the way we train for, play, and watch professional sports. It’s all on display at the Future of Sports Tour, hosted by Popular Science magazine and sponsored by Nivea for Men, Saturday and Sunday from noon to 8 p.m. at the Miami International Mall .

Four different activity areas focusing on tennis, baseball, motor sports, and “roundball technology” let you check out the latest in equipment, get free stuff, and play games. Visitors can also relax and watch television in the Nivea Men’s Lounge. And did we mention this is free? It’s free.
Sun., Aug. 3, 2008


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