The Five Best Nail Art Salons in Miami

The Five Best Nail Art Salons in Miami
Photo by Nycole Sariol

There has been a shift in the nail game as of late. No longer can one rely on the generic safety of an old-fashioned French manicure, or the same color painted on all ten tips as a means of self-expression. Miami woman look beyond colored lines in search of geometric ones, and ones in the shape of Elmo, or British Flags, or maybe even Jerry Seinfeld's face. Who's judging? Whatever the wacky design of their dreams may be, the felines of our Magic City aren't settling for basic-bitch claws anymore. Because art on their nails is just as important as art on a graffiti-laden wall in Wynwood, right?

Yet despite this sweeping trend of either hand-painted nail plates or graphic wraps posing as such, for some peculiar reason, scoping out salons in the area that specialize in nail art is as difficult as stumbling across a decent paying job in Miami these days -- the struggle is real. Not to worry though, 'cause we've done the legwork for you and found a gang of trusty places around town to turn your nails from a desolate land of keratin to mini pieces of art.

Here are the best nail salons to get your nail art did.

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The Five Best Nail Art Salons in Miami
Photo by Blush Nail Salon

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5. Blush Nail Salon

Within the block party of construction that only Alton has been known to give best, Blush Nail Salon awaits its clients with nimble hands, ready to paint the shit out of your beds. The salon, ran by the Ninh family, is sure to bring a tear to any girly-girl's eye with feathery and floral décor. All talk of prissy paraphernalia aside, owner Paulynn Ninh and nail artist Q are the broads to visit when lusting to jazz up your nails with glitzy mosaics, minx, 3D designs with lace, gems and foils. "Nail artistry is making waves in fashion right now," says Paulynn. "It's a relatively cheap way to make a contemporary fashion statement."

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