The Final Insult

Like the 1986 Celtics, 1988 Lakers, and 1997 Bulls, every now and then there comes along an NBA team that transcends greatness, brilliance, and excellence. The 2007 Miami Heat is not one of those teams. No, this season, Heat fans have pretty much been force-fed one giant shit sandwich, requiring a follow-up shot of schnapps.

From the off-season nonmoves to Shaq’s trade (and the subsequent post-trade rant in which the Big Douche threw poor Chris Quinn, of all people, under the bus), to D-Wade’s shutting things down, to Pat Riley’s curious part-time departure, it’s all been categorically crappy. And now, as the Heat struggles to reach 15 wins, it finds itself in competition for that coveted number one NBA draft pick with other craptastic teams such as Seattle, New York, and Memphis. Which means, of course, the Heat will lose the draft lottery and end up picking 10th. But hey, the good news is the nightmare season finally ends tonight against the Atlanta Hawks at the American Airlines Arena. So long, 2007 Heat season! And thanks for all the suck!
Wed., April 16, 2008


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