The Fantasticks at the Pelican Playhouse September 25

Filled with symbolism, meddling parents, romance, and hilarity, The Fantasticks is a silly musical romp that debuted in 1960 to rave reviews and has become the longest-running musical. Two neighboring dads bamboozle their children, Matt and Luisa, into falling in love by faking a feud between the families and staging the abduction of Luisa. When Matt supposedly goes after the would-be kidnappers and rescues Luisa, she falls in love with her hero. But when the two kids uncover the elaborate and insane plot by their fathers, they part ways to experience life, while wondering if maybe they did, in fact, have a thing for each other all along. The play, which borrows heavily from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and A Midsummer Night's Dream, is loosely based on the 1890s French play The Romancers.


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