The Drinks Are Stronger

Downtown Miami is undergoing an incredibly rapid growth spurt. Everywhere you look, buildings seem to have sprouted overnight, and road expansion projects are cutting through major thoroughfares like stretch marks on the city. Strange to think that as recently as 1984, the 55-story Wachovia building (then known as the Southeast Bank building) was the tallest building south of Atlanta. History buffs can gain perspective on the Magic City’s hyperdevelopment at the Downtown Get-Down, a celebration hosted by the Historical Museum of Southern Florida’s Fellows and Tropees.

Museum fellows and tropees, or “tropical pioneers,” are the sort of advocates who can drop enlightening jewels of local history into everyday conversation. The social gathering will be held at the spectacular Banker’s Club, a venue that offers a panoramic view of the bay. The very view that is currently studded with construction cranes once included a waterfall that could be seen from the Miami River. After planners built canals to reroute the river’s course in 1912, the six-foot drop and rapids disappeared. Sip complimentary drinks, nibble light fare, and contemplate Miami’s evolution tonight from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. Admission costs $15. Please RSVP to Laura Billingslea at 305-375-1492, or e-mail Visit
Thu., Aug. 31


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