The Dark Side

When you think of belly dancing, you probably imagine a solo performance by a sequin-bedecked woman with a bare midriff and stomach muscles and hips moving like you never thought possible. And that is still a traditional form, particularly in Egyptian style. But when the dance migrated to the United States, it morphed into a unique hybrid. Today, practitioners here might perform in groups, mixing Middle Eastern music with hip-hop and stirring in some sounds and moves from India, as well as other influences. L.A.-based Bellydance Evolution will deliver such a blend in Dark Side of the Crown, featuring dancers who are masters in a variety of classical and modern styles. In contrast to belly dancing’s early Mediterranean roots, Crown is a full-fledged theatrical performance, with a story line involving passion and murder and characters such as Medusa, Aphrodite, and Thor. The original score with a contemporary flair was created by Audiomachine. Can’t get more hybrid than that. The troupe, directed by belly-dance choreographer Jillina, has performed in almost every corner of the globe and will debut this particular piece in Miami.
Fri., Aug. 30, 9 p.m., 2013


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