The Best Defense Is a Good Offense, or Not

The Miami FC Blues continue to claw their way up the United Soccer League standings like an army of determined spider monkeys. Spider monkeys that play smothering defense but can’t score goals worth dick. The Blues sit in sixth place after extending their impressive unbeaten streak through the past two months of play. The hometown team has had seven shutouts since May 24 and has allowed only one goal in that span. Miami FC has played superb defense, frustrating opponents with its compact, stifling style. Meanwhile, goalkeeper Josh Saunders persists on showing off his Jedi abilities by continually keeping shots on goal from hitting the back of the net.

Yet as kick-ass as they’ve been on defense, the Blues have been pretty craptastic on offense. During its unbeaten streak, the team scored only five goals, with four of the games ending in scoreless ties. And while tall-glass-of-awesome Alex Afonso continues to lead the USL in goals with eight, the rest of the squad has just six combined. If the Blues want to make a push up the standings, they need to make their offense match their defense. Sunday they host the Atlanta Silverbacks, with whom they’re tied in the standings. The game kicks off at 6 p.m. at Tropical Park Stadium. Get your tickets by visiting or calling 305-728-2612. Single game tickets, ranging from $25 to $10, are available through
Sun., July 27, 2008


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