The Best Damn Art Show. Period.

Sergio Garcia has hamburger and pussy on his brain, and Mariano Costa Peuser is putting his wooden artist dummies through the hoop for the ArteAmericas Fair. Today through Monday, the talented locals will display their works during the seventh edition of the Latin and Caribbean arts confab in a specially curated exhibit called “Trends.” Organized by Milagros Bello, the group show will present more than 15 emergent and midcareer artists who are “transforming and energizing the Latin American art scene with a focus on vital issues of contemporary times,” she says.

The fair will also host 70 galleries and hundreds of artists from Latin America, the United States, and Spain, as well as a tribute to the late master Cundo Bermudez, a member of the “Vanguardia Cubana” who passed away last year. As for his Naughty Girl series, Garcia says he won’t be trolling the aisles of the convention center for inspiring skanks: “They are an obsession, but I’ll be scoping art instead.”
Sat., March 28, noon, 2009


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