The Art of Flying

From the remote locale of Denver, Colorado, that electronic music hotbed beyond the Rocky Mountain range, one-man gothic/house/dub act Pictureplane is taking off. And by "taking off," we mean he's going to the airport, buying a ticket, boarding a commercial aircraft, and flying approximately four hours to Miami. Why? Because he has a totally off-the-grid show scheduled at Terri and Donna Gallery this Thursday.

Normally a venue for the exhibition of especially fine art, Terri and Donna on occasion opens for the uncommon purposes of a quote-unquote dance party. The last one was soundtracked by Washed Out's bedroom synthpop. But now it's Pictureplane's turn to take control of T&D with his lo-fi '90s club clips. So bring your MDMA, Day-Glo face paint, and best ironic tee — it's time you learned to fly.
Thu., March 4, 8 p.m., 2010


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