The Aristocrats

Election day 2012 is right around the corner, which means for the past weeks – no, months-- no, year, both Republican and Democratic candidates have been stroking, praising, and pandering to all members of the voting-eligible public. It's enough to make even a lowly 47 percenter feel like they're in the top bracket of the one percent. After you cast your vote on Tuesday, though, it's all over. So you better take advantage of that high-class fantasy while you can. Masquerade at the Gardens, a benefit for Pinecrest Gardens, gives you the chance to do just that. Just see if you can read the following description out loud without lapsing into a Kennedy-style New England accent: The gala will commence on the Lakeview Terrace with signature Bacardi cocktails and elegant bites by Lily Pâtisserie, among others. Then it's out to the meadow for dining and dancing. Don't forget your swag bag on the way out! See? You can't do it. Tickets to the black-tie-optional Masquerade cost $150 per person. Steep? Sure. But soon it's back to TV dinners and sneaking your discount booze-filled flask into the club, so why not splurge?
Sat., Nov. 3, 7 p.m., 2012


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