That huge hole in the ozone layer has everyone talking about which color to go, but you’ve been going green forever. You caress the flora, lovingly separating it from its stem and placing it somewhere that will allow it to breathe. Once it’s there, you inhale deeply, hold it, enjoy it, hold it, and exhale with a smile. Most of all, you’re not afraid to share the fragrance of greenery with friends, family, and whoever else comes within sniffing distance. You, my dear, are a stoner. And although Neiman Marcus won’t hire you, and your friends will never stop calling you Cheech, the Miami Improv has something for you — and it doesn’t rhyme with lime rag.

It’s the 420 Friendly Comedy Tour, and for your cheebed-out pleasure, comedians Ricky Cruz, Adrian Mesa, Oni Perez, and others will hit the stage with plenty of THC-flavored jokery. If you’ve got good ish, you’ll be laughing before the comedian says a word. If not, sit back and wait for the giggles to rise up in your throat. The show begins at 8:30. Visit Tickets cost $10.70. Hey, that’s almost the price of a lime rag!
Thu., June 12, 8:30 p.m., 2008


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