That’s the Ticket

Stand in line for cigarettes at local markets and convenience stores and you'll see that Miamians are addicted to Lotto. Local film director Will Vazquez takes the fantasy of winning a multimillion-dollar jackpot up a notch with his film Quick Pick. It is the story of Eddie, a usually unlucky lad who thinks he has lost a ticket worth $135 million. With two friends along for the ride, he hits our sultry and seedy city streets in search of the only thing that can get him out of a studio and into a penthouse condo. And he learns a few life lessons along the way. This homegrown Homer's odyssey was shot by a local cast and crew during 2005's ghastly hurricane season. (So how did they charge the camera?) The film has already received nods of approval at film festivals in Kansas City and Chicago. Catch it tonight through Sunday at 7:00 at the AMC Theatres CocoWalk. Admission is seven dollars. Call 786-368-5081, or e-mail
Oct. 13-15


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