That’s a Mighty Fine Heifer, Son

Normally, the only place you can admire a cow in Miami is in the grizzled remains of your vaca frita or through your tío’s Bacardi-induced tales of Toro Diablo, the bullfighter demon of Guadalajara. What’s a whippersnappin’, saddle-rustlin’, eager-spurred cowpoke to do? Admire the Angus Steak Burger at the Hialeah Burger King? Your time has come, bovine-loving pals. This weekend, the Miami Cattle Show will mosey into Tropical Park.

Admission is free, and so is the cowpie aroma. Marvel at the mooing varieties of 15 types of cattle. Enjoy seminars about herd health and those pesky cattle diseases. Git! Haw! And if you get tired of admiring the heifers, there are always the goats to pet or milk. Choose wisely, Miami-Dade dude ranchers. Round up the posse this Saturday, and don’t forget your bolo tie. Cue the “Rawhide” theme song — this shindig is on.
March 19-21, 2010


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