Thar's Gold in Them Social Ills

Back in the days of the Wild West mining prospectors would go down into dark dangerous mines hoping to come out with bits of gold. A Grubstake was when someone would give supplies to such a risk taker in exchange for a share of the treasure. Well, pardner, here in Wild Wynwood there's a gal name of Heather Klinker that's got a Grubstake Good Works that'll help you if you're trying to climb out of a dark, black mine of poverty or drug addiction. This here place provides clothing and furniture and can direct you into drug treatment and so far has helped about 5000 people. Not bad for nine years in a town where "legitimate" charities (cough, cough) are routinely embezzled by their bosses. Now we reckon you don't particularly care because, shoot, you're probably a self-centered monster. It's all me-me-me, right? What's that? You say you really care about other people but you're addicted to having nice things? Well, how'd you like to have it both ways? Grubstake is a super cool antique and thrift store that is like Aladdin's cave if we can drop the wild west motif, pardner. The antiques are high quality, the clothing's upscale and the prices are starving art student cheap. Cabinets, marble busts, cellos, grandfather clocks, Prada, Pucci, maybe a little Gucci. If you want thrift store stuff they got that too; great books, records, tools, cutlery, crystal and one of a kind cast-offs from mansions and millionaires. At a third of the price anywhere else. They're holding an auction this Saturday morning at 9 a.m with a live inspection of donated automobiles and everything else that isn't nailed down. A white '72 Lincoln Continental Mach IV will be one of the fine mack vehicles for your bids along with art work from Art Basel. They're gonna raise 50,000 dollars in one afternoon by selling at rock bottom prices and all for good causes, you varmint. It's bound to be a hoot so raise your grubby mitts in the air and know your incredible bargain will be helping others and not just your city slicker self.
Sat., Nov. 8, 9 a.m., 2008


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