Thar They Blow

The steady stream of hot air emanating from local club promoters and county commissioners is usually enough to power the heftiest of sailboats. Although a cross-continental cold front is expected to blow in a strong gust originating from the Academy Awards -- where the movie industry patted itself on its collective back for rewarding the line “This is one doodle that can't be undid, home skillet,” after months of squabbling with writers who didn’t have stripping as a career back-up plan. This bluster might converge with Texas- and Ohio-born drafts related to the presidential primaries, all of which should mean sturdy winds for the Acura Miami Grand Prix sailboat races today.

Expect drama matching last year’s thrilling climax, when the Let's Roll crew harnessed the power of CNN anti-immigration blowhard Lou Dobbs to overtake Star. Boats leave the Miami Beach Marina this morning at 10:30, kicking off ten races over four days. Sixty vessels from thirteen nations will be afloat to ride those BS streams. Postrace social events are scheduled for tonight, Saturday, and Sunday. Check out for more breezy banter.
March 6-9, 2008


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