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There aren’t too many people online who don’t know about the immensely popular MySpace and how strange it can be. Capitalizing on the site’s more than 75 million eccentric members who let the world know of their outlandish or nutty lifestyles, Impromedy’s “Top 8” sketch comedy parodies the “look how cool I am!” phenomenon for laughs (let’s hope). The performance spoofs the latest way to brag about how many “friends” you have, and is followed by satiric takes on real-life (yes, there is life offline) situations involving New York crime, hallucinogens, truth-or-dare games, explicit daydreams, and even roaches. The cast includes Ray Bode, Kea McElfresh, Peter Mir, Jeff Quintana, Johnny Trabanco, and Impromedy’s cofounders, Nicole Quintana and Ozzie Quintana. “It’s probably the only show that has mixed-media going on in it right now,” says Ozzie. “It’s in-your-face comedy that will put urine in your pants.” Um, okay. Wear your Depends to the Roxy Performing Arts Center, 1645 SW 107th Ave., Miami. The show begins at 9:00 Fridays through July 28. Tickets cost ten bucks, eight for students. Call 786-210-4642, or visit
Fridays. Starts: July 7. Continues through July 28


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