We see those nipple tassles tumble out of your blouse when you reach for the Wite-Out at work, but we’re not judging. And that time we overheard you talking dirty into your cell phone, we knew it was just a side effect of your narratophilia, so we didn’t tell anybody. To show you just how dedicated we are to enabling your kinky ways, we’ll meet you at Part One of this weekend’s extravaganza of ilias and isms, better known as Fetish Factory’s 13-Year Fetish Weekend.

The yearly event brings fantasies to life for three long days, beginning with Friday night’s the Beat & Greet Fetish Party at Purgatory. The parties get increasingly hard-core as the weekend rolls on, so newbies should start out slowly with this show. It’ll feature entertainment by artists such as Angela Ryan, Ruby Luster, and some of the biggest names in fetish. Doors open at 10 p.m., and the bash will roll on until 3 in the morning. Tickets start at $15; visit www.fetishfactory.com to purchase them and get a list of the weekend’s activities.
May 23-25, 2008


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