Ten Ways The Walking Dead Would Be Different If It Were Set in Miami

Ten Ways The Walking Dead Would Be Different If It Were Set in Miami
Courtesy of AMC

This Sunday night, The Walking Dead returns for the second half of season five. It got me thinking: What if The Walking Dead were set in Miami? Yes, this is a thing I have spent time thinking about, mainly because so many details in the original are so ridiculously Georgia-specific.

If The Walking Dead were in Miami, multiple things would change, some for the better and some for the worse. Here are a few ways I dream The Walking Dead Miami could go.

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10. The opening sequence that recaps how everyone became a zombie would have a rave.

The Walking Dead Miami would definitely open with a Blade-like club scene. Everything is all chill; then one hot zombie chick sneaks her way into the VIP section and all hell breaks loose, igniting the inevitable chaotic scene of people trying to escape the carnage. Eventually the main characters of The Walking Dead Miami are just a group of ravers that happened to escape imminent death together, and they eventually hole up in a Cuban café to regroup and figure out what the hell is going on.

9. Rick Grimes is at least half Puerto Rican.

There is obviously no cowboy shit going down in The Walking Dead Miami. The main character, Rick Grimes, would be named "Ricardo Gomez." Ricardo is also a cop, but he's much more street-savvy, and that helps the crew along the way. Ricardo has a checkered past with the Miami PD, one that includes multiple accusations of misuse of his Taser.

8. The Miami cast doesn't seek safety at a farm; they lock themselves in an Aventura Walmart.

I've been asking the same question for five seasons: Where are all of the Walmarts? Walmart is the first place you would want to be if zombies took over, and you can be sure that if the show were set in Miami, the first thing we would do is find a damn Costco or Walmart -- everything you need is there! These dummies in Georgia have been walking for years and have yet to come across a Walmart. That's impossible!

If TWD were set in Miami, I'd be the fat guy in the back of Walmart eating rotisserie chickens and holding a rifle.

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