Ten Other Things Miamians Should Stop Doing

Lookin' good, Miami.
Lookin' good, Miami.
Photo by Steve Jurvetson | Flickr CC

People from around these parts often describe themselves as having a love/hate relationship with Miami. It is, after all, not a city without fault. But for the most part, the faults we spend most of our time complaining about are not with the city, but with the people who either call it home or a place to stay. Might as well give credit where credit is due and call out the perpetrators who put the less lovable parts of Miami in motion.

To do that, New Times has compiled a list of ten other things Miamians do that make us crazy, make us cringe, or make us do a bit of both. See what we put on blast after the jump.

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1. Posting pictures of bullshit

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It's a growing epidemic worldwide, but it seems to be especially heinous in its Miami iterations. Look, we understand that the sandwich you ordered is the most precious thing you've ever tasted and that you're going to take a picture of it, but the 16 photos of you posing with it bite by bite, the seven alternate nom-nom faces you had to get pictures of in between, and the five selfies you took while crouching next to the plastic pig out front are a bit much. There is no need to have 47 versions of the same dark picture of you and your friends sweating and smiling in the back corner of Purdy Lounge.

2. Championing the worst music in the world

De gustibus non est disputandum is a Latin maxim that more or less translates to "There is no disputing matters of taste." The reason this bears mentioning is that Miami, on its face at least, seems to be represented by some really bad taste in music. We are a city known for one of the biggest EDM festivals in the world, where everyone glows in neon underwear, grinds their jaws to the bone-rattling bass, drinks as much water as they can find, and dies when they can't find it. Miami is known as home or a home away from home to the likes of Pitbull, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Gunplay, and DJ Khaled. Now, we love Rick Ross, but let's not trip -- none of these people makes good, meaningful music. "I'm in Love With the Coco" is patently bad music, but it's hard to drive five blocks in Miami without hearing it blaring from at least a couple of car sterios along the way. Come on, folks, play that good good. We got Trick Daddy! What're you doing listening to O.T. Genasis? TRICK LOVES THE KIDS!

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