Ten New Year's Resolutions You've Already Broken

Ten New Year's Resolutions You've Already Broken

The year 2014 began with so much promise. It's a clean slate, you told yourself. I can do anything. I can be anybody I want to be. And I'm going to make myself a better person.

Millions of people think the same thing at the beginning of each year. But now that we're six days into this "fresh start," how successful have you been? Chances are, not very.

But hey, it's not your fault. Miami is one of the worst places to accomplish your self-betterment goals. Read on for ten popular new year's resolutions that just don't fly in South Florida.

Ten New Year's Resolutions You've Already Broken

10. Drink Less

The resolution: That champagne toast at midnight was going to be your last, right? Riiiight.

The reality: Well, it was your last -- until the next morning, when you needed a little hair of the dog. And then there was the beer-soaked football weekend, after which you downed a bunch of mimosas at Sunday brunch. And tonight you'll probably be rooting for or actively against the Noles with a frosty beverage in hand, so, yeah, maybe next year.

9. Diet

The resolution: This is the year you finally feed yourself like a grownup, complete with veggies and all.

The reality: Eat healthfully? With the hangover you have? Only greasy fast food and All the Bread will cure your ills. It's basically medicine.

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