Ten Mobile Apps Every Miamian Should Use

Ten Mobile Apps Every Miamian Should Use
Miami Duo's Weather Kitty App Brings Grumpy Cat to Your Smartphone

10. HelpBridge

In times of disaster -- like say, oh, a hurricane blasting through South Florida -- HelpBridge is here to, well, help. With hurricane season peaking through September, HelpBridge is an easy-to-use application connecting you to your loved ones after crisis. It allows you to alert for help or donate help.

You can sign in using your Microsoft, Facebook, or Twitter account; afterward, HelpBridge lets you choose emergency contacts straight from your phone. Your mom, girlfriend, or abuelita will be on call in case you find yourself stranded. You also have the option to donate via PayPal or register to donate goods or your volunteer assistance through the app. With plenty of opportunities to help or call for help, HelpBridge might be just what Miami needs. That is, if all the freaked-out meteorologists are right.

Android, iPhone (Free)

9. Copa Bridgestone

Football season just begun, but in Miami, the sport of fútbol is every bit as compelling. Miami-based software creator Rokk3r Labs built Copa Bridgestone Liberatadores for the 2013 Latin-American Cup. Users can receive push notifications for news updates, alerts, and view results for each team.

From Liga de Quito to overall champ Boca Juniors, support your favorites and share the madness directly from the app to your Facebook or Twitter for some good old-fashioned trash-talking. Until next season, amigos! GOAAAL!

Android, iPhone (Free)

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