Ten Miami Girls You've Probably Dated

Ten Miami Girls You've Probably Dated

The ladies of Miami-Dade do a lot of complaining about their dating prospects. But guys, you have it rough too. You have given your best effort at speed dating. You have hit up every wine bar in a 30-mile radius. There is a good chance you read "Ten Miami Guys You've Probably Dated" and thought to yourself, That's not me, bro. And hey, it might not be, bro. Anything is possible.

Stereotypes don't discriminate based on gender, and for every "Mr. Mama's Boy" or "Mr. Brickell," there's an equal and opposite type of woman in the 305.

What we are really trying to say is this: Here are ten girls you have sexted, had sex with, or filed a restraining order against.

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Ten Miami Girls You've Probably Dated

10. Miss Public Relations

She could market ice to Eskimos. She is career-driven, persistent, and probably sends you texts saying, "I just wanted to follow up," when you don't immediately write her back. Her social calendar is as extensive as her Louboutin collection, and this keeps you going out all the time. But speaking of time -- she has none of it. Her boss expects her in the office from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., minimum. So why is she the boo to your booty call? Because she is available only late at night, and when she can actually hang she is interested in only two things: food and sex. Who loves both of those things? You do.

9. Miss Daddy's Girl

Maybe you think it's hot when she calls you daddy. But with this girl, you aren't the only one who gets that title. This gal still lives with her folks even though she's in her 20s with a real job and plenty of money to move out on her own. So why does she stay with the 'rents? She has not one but two people coddling her and paying her bills. Getting involved with a daddy's girl is fun for a while. She has plenty of money to spend and is always, and we mean always, willing to go to you. Then you realize she has essentially become your second roommate. Hang out or bang it out at her parents? Not an option. It's your place or nowhere, buddy.

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