Ten Best Rainy Day Activities in Miami

Ten Best Rainy Day Activities in Miami
Bill Cooke

Let's face it : One of the best reasons to live in Miami is the sunshine. It just makes us feel better, dammit. So when hurricane season hits and grey skies start rolling through, we locals start wondering what the hell we're supposed to do with ourselves when we can't hit the beach, the pool, or the boats.

But all is not lost. There are more indoor activities than you'd expect across the 305. Here are our top picks, just in time for this weekend's predicted storms. Just remember to bring your umbrella for that mad dash from the car.

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Ten Best Rainy Day Activities in Miami

10. Get Pampered.

It's spa month, so the timing couldn't be more perfect for you to get a break from the deluge. At $99 a pop, there's no excuse not to treat yourself to a massage, facial, or entire lineup of relaxing does-a-body-good-stuffs. From the Spa at Shore Club to the Spa at Mandarin Oriental, every place imaginable is offering killer deals.

9. Make Like The Dude.

Bowling is one of those pastimes you've forgotten you love -- till you don those dapper shoes and get into an epic battle with your best friends. By the time you've bowled a game or five, thrown back a few cocktails, and noshed on half price pizzas, you won't want to leave. Splitsville has all of the above.


Ten Best Rainy Day Activities in Miami
Ily Gonzales

8. Fight Zombies.

What beats a zombie movie marathon? Ummm, fighting them in real life?! At the Undercover Unit, you can don SWAT-style gear and go apeshit on the undead. And they even have weekend matinees. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday.

7. Hit Balls.

There's nothing like knocking a few balls around to get rid of that rainy day aggression. The asshole driver on 95? THWACK! The ridiculous line at Starbucks? SLAM! Your alarm clock that woke you out of your warm slumber? BOOM! The batting cages are an amazing cure-all. Hitter's Hangout has indoor facilities that are just perfect.


Ten Best Rainy Day Activities in Miami

6. See a Flick in Style.

Screw staying home with your usual Netflix lineup. Go to a swanky theater and sit through a summer movie bonanza instead. At Paragon Grove, you can pick your seats from the comfort of home, have snacks delivered by theater staffers, and get buzzed on beer or wine. Trust us - you'll never go back to AMC.

Maybe don't follow his lead...
Maybe don't follow his lead...

5. Climb rocks.

Florida is flat. Which is supremely sad for anyone into climbing things other than palm trees. But if you'd like a little more of a multi-dimensional obstacle, there's always rock climbing. While we're plum out of mountains, you can still scale fake ones at X-treme Rock Climbing. Just remember to bring a buddy -- unless you're a fan of painful face plants.


Ten Best Rainy Day Activities in Miami
Hannah Sentenac

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4. Play Miami-themed Mini Golf.

Hit balls through a gator's mouth, past some locally grown veggies, and through a lighthouse. This new course at the Coral Gables Museum is so Miami, constructed by local architects and all. And since this is Miami, you obviously don't have to play sober. They sell Coors Light on site, plus snacks for noshing. Do it.

3. Support your local library.

Since Gimenez is trying to slash and burn our city's book budget, show him literacy matters. Pop a squat at your local branch, pick out a tome or two and spend the day immersed in good words. A protest sign couldn't hurt, either.


Ten Best Rainy Day Activities in Miami
Zachary Fagenson

2. Have High Tea.

There's a reason why afternoon tea is a tradition that's endured the ages. From Downton Abbey to William and Kate, all good Brits take tea, and Americans could stand to learn a thing or two from the tradition. At Coral Gables' landmark Biltmore Hotel, you can get gussied up and spend an oh-so-civilized afternoon eating mini pastries and sammies, sipping fresh brewed tea and getting in some QT with the lobby's gargoyles and finches.

1. Puddle Jump.

At some point, you're bound to get drenched. So why fight it? Strap on those galoshes and engage in some epic splashing. The kid in you probably doesn't get out enough, anyway.

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