Ten '90s Heartthrobs You'd Never Admit You Had a Crush On

There are some '90s-era Hollywood hotties  that are a lot like fine wine -- George Clooney, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt (when he's not sporting the billy goatee), Leonardo DiCaprio (hey, he actually looks like a man now), and Mark Wahlberg -- they just get better with age. Then there's some that are more like Crystal Pepsi -- we're glad their popularity fizzled with the decade.

But that doesn't mean you didn't find some of these human equivalents of the grossest (and most confusing) soda ever produced to be straight-up Baldwins. And don't "As if!" us, we know you thought these guys were the bomb. The proof is scribbled all over your Lisa Frank unicorn Trapper Keeper. So here's ten dudes from the '90s you'd never admit you had a crush on...but you totally did.

1. Jonathan Taylor Thomas
What ever happened to Randy? The cutest Taylor brother from the sitcom Home Improvement? You know, the one that had enough squinty-eyed charisma to inspire hyperactive and confusing teen lust? (What is this strange feeling between my legs?)  Your JTT shrine included the JTT Pinocchio doll, the pink Talkgirl Deluxe playing the Lion King's "He Lives in You"  on constant loop, a lock of hair your BFF sweared on the hotness of Keanu Reeves in Speed was JTT's, and of course, all gazillion of his glossy Teen Beat 8x10 head shots covered in red lipstick kiss marks...and other suspect stains (that's where the strange feeling between your legs was coming from -- paper cuts).

2. Tommy, the White Power Ranger
Sure, the Red Power Ranger was kind of cute during his run as leader, but when Tommy, the White Power Ranger, busted onto the scene, he was by far the mighty morphinest of them all. He had a long, pretty hair, doubled as a ninja, drove something called a shark cycle, and was the same color as our favorite Airheads flavor, "White Mystery", thus making him mysterious, and what girl doesn't like a good mystery...like Goosebumps!

3. Trent from Daria
Sure he was a cartoon, but don't act like your heart didn't skip a beat every time this uber cool, scruffy, quintessential Gen X slacker would jam with his band, Mystik Spiral, in the Lane's garage. He was practically an animated version of Jordan Catalano except Trent never grew up to become an eternal poster child for Hot Topic. See Exhibit A, B, and C.

4. Jason Priestley and/or Luke Perry
Was it the hair? Their intense stares? The fact that both looked like they well into their 30s but were playing teenagers? Whatever it was, these two were so hot in the '90s that Pamela Anderson actually named both her sons after them! And if that little factoid alone isn't enough to keep you mum on an ancient crush, you just need to give it up because both of their hearts forever belong to Kelly Taylor:

5. Hanson:
Unless you're now a lesbian, we really can't offer any further explanation.

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