Tectonic Beats

Millions of years ago, the Earth’s crust was one big hunk of land called Pangaea. But then tectonic plates began shifting and that hunk ’o land was broken into a handful of pieces. Brazil and Africa, once conjoined, were separated forever by the Atlantic Ocean. Yet they continue to share a symbolic heartbeat. And on Monday, the long lost sisters will reunite through music and dance. The Brazilian Voices’s Afro-Brazil production fuses the rhythmic beats of the Dark Continent with Carnaval-style music and dancing popular in Rio de Janeiro. Close to 40 women who make up the Brazilian Voices vocal ensemble will come together on stage while performing Capoeira (Brazilian kick dancing), folk dances, and Samba. And all will be set to an interactive thundering percussion with an African theme. The booming chorus and energy-infused dance will unite at Aventura Arts and Cultural Center.
Mon., Jan. 10, 11:30 a.m., 2011


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