Tattoo You

Calling all body art enthusiasts and lowrider lovers: Miami has a trick up its quarter-sleeve you don’t want to miss. The inaugural Gathering of the Giants tattoo convention and lowrider car show will take over your weekend this Friday through Sunday at the Fair Expo Center (10901 Coral Way, Miami). Cars will bounce and biceps will bulge as aficionados celebrate all things rough and rowdy, but with a certain air of class that comes with being members of the art community. Enjoy the scene or adorn yourself with new art from one of the more than 80 artists onsite. If you’ve got a piece you’re already hella proud of, why not enter one of the tattoo contests? Compete for the prize of best sleeve, best back piece, best color portrait, and more. Get there early to register, and have $10 ready for the admission fee. Even if you’re afraid to go under the needle, this is one gathering that won’t get boring.
Fri., Oct. 25, 4 p.m.; Sat., Oct. 26, noon; Sun., Oct. 27, noon, 2013


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