Talent Without Attitude

Each December the art community descends upon our fair city to wine and dine and dash. But Miami’s true collection of burgeoning talent doesn’t hobnob with Daddy Artbucks and flee -- at least not yet. Instead they cram for trig quizzes and clutch learner’s permits; they attend Southwood and South Miami middle schools and DASH, the nation’s premier design high school; and today they will collect the same awards Andy Warhol, Richard Avedon, and Robert Redford once clasped. This afternoon at 3:00 the Miami Art Museum celebrates this year’s crop of regional Scholastic Art Award winners, and the museum will exhibit the winning works through February 12. After that, a jury panel in New York City will vet the region’s top pieces and honor the national winners. Last year Miami Dade County students won an unprecedented 31 national awards. Check out these kids now, before they blow up and charge a bunch of money to shake their hands at Art Basel.
Sun., Jan. 22


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