Taking It to the Streets

For those thirsting to get their urban funk on, the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Moore Space (4040 NE Second Ave., Miami) are serving up a lip-smacking pitcher of life on the mean streets via “metro pictures,” a unique two-part group show.

Curated by Moore’s director Silvia Karman Cubiñá, the collaboration features the work of more than twenty artists, encompassing a wide range of media including painting, sculpture, video, photography, performance, and public art. The bi-venue exhibit addresses issues shared by large populations and examines political and philosophical perspectives on race, the environment, and other social concerns. It’s a sprawling show that offers an opportunity to navigate the urban landscape between both spaces, and some works actually take the public outdoors. “[Artist] Kianga Ford researched the history of North Miami, creating a fictionalized narrative that people can download onto their iPods and follow on the street to become part of her story,” explains MoCA director Bonnie Clearwater. A subtle urban critique also appears in a photo mural by Puerto Rican artist Chemi Rosado Seijo. “He provided buckets of green paint to the residents of a slum in the hills of San Juan. When they painted the façades of their homes, the slum disappeared,” she says.

MoCA kicks off “metro pictures, part two” tonight at 7:30, with music by DJ Induce and Lolo from Sweat Records, hot dogs (both veggie and your usual ballpark) from Dogma, and plenty of Budweiser on tap. For information about The Moore Space call 305-438-1163, or visit www.themoorespace.com.
May 3-Sept. 17


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