Oh, yeah. Right around the time you get off work this weekend, Venezuelan disco funk is headed for downtown Miami. Or make that DWNTWN, as the folks at the Miami Downtown Development Authority would have it. If stripping the vowels out of the word weren’t enough to prove how cool the Authority is, inviting the freakiest band in the Americas to play happy hour sure does. Los Amigos Invisibles are six guys who scrapped their way from disco dreams in Caracas to cult stardom in New York City and around the world. For the past 20 years, they haven’t slowed down, putting out nine albums, scoring several Latin Grammy nominations (and two wins), and finding themselves the subject of a recent documentary, La Casa del Ritmo. From cult favorites such as 2003’s “Superf—ker” to bona fide chart-toppers (well, Latin chart-toppers) such as “Mentiras” (“Lies”) and “Viviré por Ti” (“I Will Live for You”), featuring Mexican minx Natalia Lafourcade, Los Amigos keep the party going. Disco will never die, and neither will Los Amigos, whose brand of funk and kink just gets freakier every year.
Fri., April 13, 6 p.m., 2012


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