Take It, B-Easy

It’s been an eventful off-season for the Miami Heat. But not in a good way. Instead of signing a free agent (or 30 free agents) to bring Dwyane Wade some much-needed help, the team brought us talented but troubled Michael Beasley battling his personal demons on Twitter. Beasley posted pictures of himself on the site, showing off his spiffy new tattoo. Unfortunately, the pics also showed what some speculated to be bags of weed in the background. Beasley’s adventures in Twitteronia also featured a couple of tweets stating his depression and frustration with life. Dark stuff, to be sure. Fortunately, B-Easy checked himself into rehab and now seems poised for a fresh start, getting back to doing what he does best, namely kicking ass and taking names. Nothing like basketball season to wash away the off-season blues. The Heat takes on the Memphis Grizzlies this Wednesday in a preseason matchup at the American Airlines Arena. Tip-off is at 7:30. Tickets start at ten dollars.
Wed., Oct. 21, 7:30 p.m., 2009


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