Swimming in the Shallows at FIU's Wertheim Performing Arts Center through October 2

Adam Bock's Swimming in the Shallows is a screwy comedy about typical relationship challenges such as gay marriage and opposing philosophical differences. Oh, and also hooking up with a shark. Taking on a sitcom-style vibe, the story focuses on two couples, a promiscuous gay man, and a shark. Bob and Barb are a middle-aged couple trying to find their way, Nick is the aforementioned gay man, and Donna and Carla are looking to get married. And one of them has recently made the acquaintance of, and is possibly in love with, a shark at the local aquarium. Using sharp repartee, absurd situations, and heady philosophical subtexts, the play focuses on the characters' friendships and conflicts. Barb is a converted Buddhist who wants to shun the material world, while Bob, well, doesn't. Meanwhile, Donna can't quit smoking, and that's putting a damper on things with Carla. Then there's that shark. Filled with laughter, peculiar situations, and thick Northeast accents, Swimming in the Shallows is a hilarious take on relationships and all of their quirks.


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