Swift and Fearless

Most earthbound singers lack intergalactic charisma — no gravity or visibility from outer space, and they couldn't catch a look from a comet if it was taking a coffee break. They aren't stars; they're just good-looking clones with fancy websites and overproduced sounds. But Taylor Swift is a musician and performer of an entirely different order. She's got celestial appeal. Even Martians rock her albums on their iPods. She makes supernovas jealous. Orion's Belt has less shine. She looks better on camera than the Milky Way at night.

Maybe that's why she was shopping demos at age 10 and was signed to a major label as a songwriter by age 14. Millions of album sales later and video-blogging her way around Planet Earth, the 20-year-old has a heavenly body and a hell of a voice. Watch this shooting star at BankAtlantic Center this Sunday.
Sun., March 7, 7 p.m., 2010


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