Sweet, Sweet Revenge

Think of comedian Lisa Corrao as sort of the den mother to all of South Florida’s nerds. For more than a year, she has hosted Revenge of the Nerd Comics, her own series of shows dedicated to local comedy with a geeky slant. The gigs have been a hit from the beginning, but they’ve also made Corrao — one of the few females willing to take the stage to dish about lightsabers and comic books — a target for innocent affection. “I’m like a magnet for dorks,” she says with a nymphlike giggle.

But Corrao is not doing it for the attention; she’s all about the laughs. For her fourth show in the series, hitting the stage Wednesday night at 8 at Improv Paradise Live (5700 Seminole Way, Hollywood), Corrao has collected the best lineup of local talent yet. You’ll catch cats such as Mario Mateo, who can explain the angst-filled life of the dreaded Mailer-Daemon, and Adrian Mesa, whose “off the dome” sets are unique every time, right alongside series regular Ivan Hernandez, whose nerd-coming-of-age humor is always good for a laugh. Tickets cost just $12 — $10 even, if you pick them up at comic shop War & Pieces.
Wed., July 2, 2008


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