Sweet Meat

BBQ’s fridge is empty. He’s at home in Montreal, hacking up smoke from a night of partying while mixing a batch of Kraft macaroni and cheese with all butter -- he’s outta milk. He’s also trying to prioritize an alarmingly lengthy to-do list before leaving tomorrow on a 39-gig tour with his tag-team act of detonation: the King Kahn and BBQ Show.

To understand this eccentrically wonderful band, you first have to appreciate the splendor of its components. Imagine two men: One is tall and dark, and wearing a Tina Turner-inspired sequin micro-mini and a fuchsia bob wig; he spins and convulses while shredding through psyched-out, doo-wop-heavy guitar licks, howling like Little Richard during a full moon after freebasing Crystal Light. That’s the King. Behind him lurks a Canadian dressed as a sultan; he’s harmonizing while playing a drum set/tambourine combo with his feet and bass with his hands. That’s BBQ. Together they are a rock and roll revival, a much-needed breath of beer-soaked air, and a potential night in police custody -- and they’re coming to Miami tonight. “I want everyone to come out and see us and have a fun time and shake their asses and look at us be clowns,” says BBQ. “But not like how when you were young and you’d see a clown at the park and at first you’d get excited, but then you’d get creeped out because he’s more than likely bad news.” The show starts at 8:30 at Churchill’s Pub. Tickets cost a meager eight bucks. Sharing the bill are local heroes the Jacuzzi Boys, the Brad Leo Administration, the Electric Bunnies, Stay Hitt, and the Remnants.
Fri., Nov. 2, 8:30 p.m., 2007


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