Sweatin’ to the Stars

The freedom-loving, good-humored Sagittarius might enjoy laughing-lotus yoga or a karaoke ride, while the charming, easygoing Libra may prefer to strap on some heels for a stiletto strength class. Not sure which workout is best for you? Let the stars guide you. To celebrate the summer solstice, Crunch Fitness is offering free astrological readings to find the perfect fitness class to fit your style. Visit Crunch June 21 through 28 for your own Astro-Fitness Profile and you will receive a free guest pass to see if the right workout is indeed in your cards. “It is a fun way to find what works for you, to try out a class that really fits your personality and fitness,” says Crunch’s Lauren May. Yes, but why does the sensitive Pisces get naptime as an option? Don’t we all need naptime? Call 305-674-8222, or visit www.crunch.com for details.
June 21-28


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