Sweat Your Dance On

Sunday morning. The room is charged with positive energy. Sunlight fills the space. Hips rock, feet stomp, arms swing. A playlist specifically designed by the DJ advances through a varied range of genres, and participants are encouraged to get in tune with their bodies by freeing them. The dancers’ energies vibrate against each other. Ultimately the experience is a collective yet intimate expression of the body’s natural euphoria. It’s all about surrendering to freedom through movement. Afterward, the group members open up to each other and talk about their feelings.

It’s kind of like sex, but it’s called Prayerdanse, and it’s a nonreligious, spiritual movement enacted through free-form dance that takes place every Sunday at a high-end Wynwood venue that Karla Events donates for the cause. The action happens from 10 a.m. to noon at 100 NE 25th St., Miami. Find out more at www.prayerdanse.com.
Sundays, 2008


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