Sweat and Lowdown

With all the hungry mosquitoes and stifling humidity, South Florida living ain't always easy. But because we represent the East Coast's party destination, Miamians bring the party even when they risk third-degree sunburns, heat exhaustion, and that nasty West Nile.

The laid-back, marsh-friendly festival Swamp Stomp is an extraordinary showcase of Miami's allure and music talents. This growing soiree began four years ago with about a hundred University of Miami students intent on enjoying awesome bands outdoors.

This Saturday, the Stomp moves to Bayside Hut to accommodate an exploding fan base. A delightful genre sampler of SoFla's finest includes Rachel Goodrich, Jahfé, Bridget + Luke, ArtOfficial, DJ A-Train, and the Lee Boys, who perform a mélange of gospel, blues, funk, and rock.
Sat., April 24, 5 p.m., 2010


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