Sundowner Upper

The Bass Museum has always been a beautiful and sort of mysterious place on Miami Beach. The Art Deco coral building sits north of Washington's club central and just far enough away from Lincoln Road's shopping madness that there aren't people wandering in with a Crocs bag, asking to use the bathroom. This location on the ocean, and off the main strip, enhances the experience of viewing some of the best curated local exhibitions. And now add to that sipping a fancy drink and eating a taco or two on the terrace. The Bass is making it easier for visitors to enjoy both the building, the art, and each other with Beats After Sunset, the museum's new monthly happy hour. The museum's Executive Director and Chief Curator Silvia Karman Cubiña said, "This monthly Friday night happening is a fantastic opportunity for people interested in art, music, and culture to meet and have a good time." One major perk of Beats After Sunset is that once you're in the museum, you can have more than just a glimpse of the art; you have two hours to enjoy whatever's showing (if you've taken your Adderall). Each month, Beats will feature a different DJ, a mixologist serving a select liquor with a variety of drink options, and, most importantly, something edible.
First Friday of every month, 8 p.m., 2011


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