Sun and Spice

Different name, but just as sweet. In its 30th year, what was previously called the Redland Natural Arts Festival is now the Redland Festival, and what was once fun for the whole family still is.

This three-day event celebrates the deep culture and history of the Fruit and Spice Park, located in the historic district. This internationally renowned garden park is home to more than 500 kinds of exotic fruits, nuts, spices, and herbs, and this event will add more than 15,000 people to the verdant mix. The festival features a weekend of revelry among the shrubbery: Local gardeners and artisans will display and sell their goods, and there will be live music, games for children, scrumptious goodies, and wildlife exhibits. This year will see the return of the Living Garden, a spectacular exhibit of images and illusions like DiVine, a vivid multihue grapevine that writhes to the sounds of music. Trippy.
Sun., Jan. 14, 10 a.m.-5 p.m.


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