Stuck-Up Steeds

In a city where the nearest 4-H club is at least a county away, it's quite a sight to see cops pull up on horseback. So imagine the rush of witnessing 80 Argentine polo ponies kick up sand on the beach behind the Setai Hotel. Hippophiles aside, polo is marred by the fact that it stinks of old money and elitism. The promoters of this week's Miami Beach Polo World Cup even brag that the competition embodies the defining characteristics of Miami: "heritage" and "affluence."

The women's teams play Thursday, and the men's and mixed teams match up Friday through Sunday for the Miami Beach World Cup. Last year, the Bombay Sapphire team triumphed over the Audi outfit to win the La Martina Cup. Yes, everything is really that branded — we're guessing it has something to do with the aforementioned "affluence."

You might think an event this self-consciously classy would be out of your budget, but general admission is free. Just to separate the haves from the have-nots, though, there are $100 to $500 VIP tickets, which grant access to a special tent, nibbles, cocktails, and a fashion show.
Thu., April 22, 2010


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