Stuck in the Mud

Thanks to one of those ubiquitous mid-August South Florida storms, the Miami Dolphins’ first preseason game two weeks ago was a wet, sloppy mess. And you were so revved up. You’d been starving for football, and it was finally time to feed the monster. The off-season had been way too long, the draft was three months ago, and you’d had enough already of all of that damn baseball. It was time to bring the ruckus! Face paint! Tailgate! Football! Hell, yeah!

Then the game started and an Amazonian squall swamped the first quarter. You didn’t get to see the Fins do much besides swim. Let’s hope, though, that when Miami hosts the Atlanta Falcons at Sun Life Stadium this Saturday for their third preseason game, we’ll get some dry weather. Or at least, you know, not an end-of-days monsoon. Man, Mother Nature is the ultimate Debbie Downer.
Fri., Aug. 27, 7 p.m., 2010


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