Strut Your Punk

Most local bands, especially punks, stopped trying to have any sort of stage presence over the past decade. As musicians worried about being the next Marilyn Manson, New Found Glory, or Miami Sound Machine, they focused on getting famous and ignored the audience. But this Saturday, the Monterey Club has booked a trio of punk bands that can do both.

Climb the Bell Tower dishes out heaps of crowd-friendly, melodic punk-pop. Flees, a quartet from Fort Lauderdale, is fronted by a spunky, rockabilly-esque gal who wields a Jennifer Tilly-like squeak. And Between Enemies, a veteran band of South Florida’s metal and punk scene, has pushed its music skills and stage antics into that safe medium between jumping and GG Allin, king of gross-out punk.
Sat., May 8, 9:30 p.m., 2010


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