Strippin’ for Secretaries

Employers and co-workers, today is Secretaries Day, the one slot in the calendar year dedicated to the women and men who fax, answer phones, and deal with your stupid questions every day from 9 to 5. They work hard — usually without much complaint, at least not to your face — and they deserve to be celebrated. And you know what? They really could do without a giant bouquet of flowers taking up precious desk space this year. If you want to make your secretary smile, all you need to know are these two magical words — hot firefighters. Aww yeah. The 12th annual Secretary’s Day fiesta at Jungle Island is being billed as “the sexiest luncheon in South Florida.” We’d be hard-pressed to argue with that.

Beginning at 11:30 a.m., hard-working ladies can enjoy a feast for their mouths and eyes, as well as help choose which of the virile specimens wind up gracing the annually anticipated South Florida Firefighters Calendar this year. Your administrative assistant will likely return to her post refreshed, rejuvenated, and sporting a naughty glow to her cheeks. And you, bossman, will be the hero of the day. Score! Tickets start at $60, worth every penny when you consider how much it would cost to send your secretary to a strip club.
Wed., April 23, 2008


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