Straight, No Chaser

Jack Daniel is the Colonel Sanders of whiskey. His company likes to pretend he has some sort of legacy to pass down besides a rather harsh-tasting product that, despite claims to the contrary, demonstrates no scientific correlation with toughness. The Jack Daniel’s Studio No. 7 Latino Concert Series, however, we fully support. Ol’ J.D. and his MBA cohorts have found a way to combine intimate venues with some of the best Latin rock bands in the world.

Here’s what you do to gain access to the musical cocktail: Log on to, find Friday’s Miami show featuring Monterrey’s Kinky and Barcelona’s the Pinker Tones, and then fill out the form that puts you on the exclusive guest list (FYI: Se necesita habla español). Enjoy the music — hell, drink some Jack if you’re really feeling generous — and then go home and unsubscribe from whatever lists they put you on when you got your free tickets. We’d give you Jack’s phone number, too, but he’s dead.
Fri., May 1, 8 p.m., 2009


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