Steppin’ Out

Sure, you get stoked for your Saturday nights. When it comes to stepping out with flair, you’re a pro. But, as any Miami hipster should know, there’s always something new to try. Tonight you can support the arts and frequent an über-exclusive SoBe hotspot, a no-brainer of a package deal. Tonight the Miami City Ballet will be performing Our Show, a combination of classical and contemporary performances, including several pieces choreographed by the dancers themselves.

Following the performance at Miami City Ballet Studios the dancers will host a VIP party for showgoers as they join the MCB’s young patrons group, Upper Room, in their post-performance party at Mokai (235 23rd St., Miami Beach). For $65 you can finally combine your intellect with a night of debauchery, all while accomplishing your original goal: a fabulous night out on the town. Sounds like a bargain to us.
Sat., April 21


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