Step Right Up

Circus freaks of Miami, take note. For those who enjoy screaming, “Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!” Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus will unfurl its big top at the American Airlines Arena with Bellobration! B&B has ramped up the usual elephant stunts and tight rope antics with some fast-paced performances hosted by Bello, a guy with hair that would make Seinfeld’s Kramer jealous. The show runs today through January 13. Tickets cost $15 to $95 and are available through or Call 786-777-1240 for more info.

For those who believe an animal’s place is in the wild, a kinder big-top event is happening at the Carnival Center’s Studio Theater. El Circo de Enriqueta y Agapito is a Spanish puppet-theater experience that’s as creative as it is innovative, effectively combining environmental awareness with entertainment. Created by Grupo Marionet (an Argentine theater troupe), it tells the story of a circus controlled by wicked animal tamer Frank. Enriqueta (played by Jessica Alvarez Dieguez) and Agapito (Alejandro Vales) find a way to free the unhappy animals and, in turn, teach everyone a real lesson in compassion. Tickets cost a modest $10. Call 305-949-6722, or visit
Jan. 4-13, 2008


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