Step into His World

Hip-hop legend KRS-One is more than a rapper or a mere entertainer; he’s an “edutainer,” a seminal figure in the genre who uses his skilled flow to teach the head-bobbing masses. In this era of hip-hop ignorance, the rapper who brought us hits like “My Philosophy,” “Sound of da Police,” and “Self Destruction” is more important than ever. Hear “The Teacha” preach during the ambitious I Am Hip-Hop Preservation Tour, four days of music, lectures, and celebrations of all things old-school. Events include the undeniably phenomenal concert featuring Method Man and Entourage’s Saigon on Wednesday, October 25, and the Come Correct B-Boy Community Jam on Friday, October 27. Today KRS-One will drop knowledge from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. at the African Heritage Cultural Arts Center. He will present the second part of his successful “Art of Civilization Building” lecture as an official fundraiser for next year’s Organic Hip-Hop lineup of events, and admission is ten dollars. Call 754-246-0222, or visit for a complete schedule and ticket information.
Fri., Oct. 27; Sun., Oct. 29


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