Stanton, Finally

The Florida Marlins bullpen has been blowing so many leads this season that it's a lot like the BP oil spill: You know it's coming, and it's going to kill everything in the ocean. That's right. Every time a Marlins reliever blows yet another lead, a baby sea horse dies. Hope you're satisfied, Marlins bullpen!

The good news is that the Marlins finally signed top prospect Mike Stanton. The bad news is that he's not a relief pitcher. No matter. Because the best way to keep this bullpen from blowing a lead is to put up a crapload of runs, and Stanton is capable of just that. He is heralded as one of the nation's best prospects, hitting .311 with 21 home runs and 52 RBI for Jacksonville this season. He's a patient hitter with power and speed, and he's also a solid defensive player. Can Stanton save the ocean's wildlife? One thing's for sure: He'll have to kill some rays first when he and the Marlins take on the Tampa Bay Rays this Friday at Sun Life Stadium.
Fri., June 18, 7:10 p.m., 2010


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