Standardize the Books

Thinking about skipping out on the Basel pretension by spending a few days submerged in mud at the Standard Spa? Well, look for an escape elsewhere, because the boutique hotel is just as infected with the Basel bug. And just in time for Art Basel, The Standard Miami Beach is opening a bookstore within their existing shop teeming with glossy art books. Rafael de Cárdenas, the architect behind the igloo-like exhibition space at O.H.W.O.W., designed the new retail space. And this isn't just another pop-up venue for Miami's high season. The O.H.W.O.W. Book Club will remain open year-round, selling the gallery's series of art books as well as those published by The Standard. That's right, the lux hotel on the bay side of Miami Beach is now also a publisher. Last month, the Standard released their first book What Me Worry, by artist/writer/musician Andrew Kuo. Claire Darrow, the Standard's creative director, is a collector of Kuo's work, and the book includes his paintings, photos, recipes, and diary entries.
Sat., Dec. 4, 2010


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